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  In business enterprise the marketing budget is normally 3 - 5 % of gross sales (dividing by 12 sets monthly budget)  

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Real Estate Advertising Budget Calculator

Establishing an advertising budget to source property buyers is an important component to the property selling process. To successfully sell property the seller has to think and treat the property’s sale process like a business and take any emotional attachment towards the property sale out of the equation.  

As every business needs to do some form of advertising, the property seller needs to treat the sale process like a business and create a dedicated marketing budget. In short if a business does not advertise no one knows about them or their products and the business fails. This same applies to marketing property. 

Rule of thumb used by business owners can apply to property sellers. Three to five percent of gross annual business income should be invested in marketing. Dividing this figure by 12 offers a monthly budget.

Applying this strategy, consider your property value as the gross income and you can successfully attain an estimated budget to allocate in marketing your property to sell.

Using the SellingMyHouse marketing budget calculator.  

  1. Insert the estimated value of your property.
  2. Select a percentage value from 3 % - 5% 
  3. You are presented with an industry applied marketing budget to advertise your house for sale.

The calculator offers a per month starting point to allocate for marketing property for sale.

Tip # 1 Approach your property sale like a business. By leveraging any initial upfront outlays into a credit card facility that offers 55 days interest free you get 7 ½ weeks leeway before any payment is required for what you’ve outlaid. Even then it is only proportionate.  By achieving a property sale and settlement within that same period you have the ability to settle any upfront outlays and in essence pay no upfront costs to sell your property.

In property marketing this strategy offers the same capability to that of an agent covering upfront marketing in that you personally pay nothing in real terms upfront. Once settlement takes place you then pay for marketing.    

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