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FAQ's For Selling A House Privately

Can I Legally Sell My Own House?

Yes you can. In each state of Australia the home owner is legally able to sell their own house directly to a buyer. It is only illegal to have an intermediatory sell your house unless they are a licensed agent. In other words you cannot get a friend or relative to sell your house on your behalf unless they have an agent’s license, however you can sell your own property if you are the legal owner.

Does Selling My House charge commission ?

No. Your only outlay is your marketing investment. There are no additional monthly fees or no hidden fees when you sell your house. What you outlay online via your house for sale by owner marketing package is all you pay.

Can I get additonal advice?

Our sole objective is to provide you the tools and strategies to deliver a successful real estate for sale by owner sale. You can access at no charge one of our qualified sales and marketing  account managers to assist in the development of your real estate for sale campaign or offer valuable sales tips

What happens once I register With Selling My House?

Once you register you are allotted your own user name and password. You can at any time login to Selling My House and continue to create your property for sale campaign. It is only when you have completed the simple five step process that your listing will go live.

Are my credit card details safe?

Selling My House use an encrypted gateway to complete your transaction. We do not store your credit card details. When you make your online purchase the URL address bar will change colour indicating you are in a secured area off and all transactions are encrypted.   Your credit card payment is also processed by a respected third party Australian company ‘E-Way’ which processes payment to us via the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Will the negotiating process be difficult?

Ay negotiation process may take time. Selling a house is a big ticket item so people will take a number of considerations into account before the deal can be closed. If you prepare well, understand the market and the buyer, you should have little trouble in the negotiating process to sell a house. Remember properties normally sell themselves. If it’s what the buyer is looking for they will buy it so long as you have positioned your pricing to that of the market. Learn more in our tools and resources section in negotiating and selling real estate. For Premium and Pro packages our Sellers Manual Pro has some powerful strategies in negotiating.

Do I get all my real estate marketing products straight away?

From your user dashboard you can approve any part of your marketing and stage the delivery of each component according to your schedule. You have the opportunity to view each part of your marketing package ( house for sale signage, commercial quality marketing brochures etc)  and make changes at any point. Once you are happy with what Selling My House marketing wizard has created simply approve it.  Once admin receive the automated approved that component is initiated. This is a great tool to enable you to create and deliver your marketing according to your needs.

How long does it take to get my real estate signs and sellers manual pro?

Once you approve your signage that is created live for you to view, our Selling My House marketing wizard automatically sends it to print and then it is shipped to you. Expect to receive signage within 5 – 7 days. Paid listings go live on Selling My House automatically, while property marketing videos, Domain listings, Google listingss, YouTube and Facebook marketing is done within 24 - 48 hours.

Can I Upgrade My Marketing Package?

By logging into your account you can at any time upgrade your package or select an add-on marketing package. Simply select and Selling My House marketing wizard will automatically create your new package to view. From here you can approve and pay and Selling MY House will auto create and deliver the campaign.

How do I activate a special coupon deal?

If you are already a registered user with Selling My House you can login, go to your dashboard and initiate the special deal from your dashboard. Selling My House will automatically create your real estate marketing package according to the coupon deal. If you have not yet registered enter your coupon deal on the Home Page, register and complete the simple five step process. Selling My House marketing wizard will do the rest.




 "Simply choose your package, register and create your listing...No more to do"

At any time you can also upgrade or purchase additional real estate marketing products from your User Dashboard. It's easy, fast, and user friendly!
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