Multiple Listings - Can I set up multiple listings on website? Once you register and set up an account you are able to establish unlimited listings. These can be managed from your user dashboard

Photo Size ( Image Resolution) - Before taking photos check your digital camera settings. To successfully create the various printed products our online software accepts 800 x 600 pixels image size and above. HowTo Resize My Real Estate Photos

Advertising Products - Can I purchase additional property marketing products at a later date? You are able to select any of the house seller marketing packages upon registration plus any add-ons to assist in driving leads. At any time you can from your user dashboard you can select and create additional marketing products to boost your enquiry level or upgrade to the next level package.

Property Sold – Can i show that my property is sold or under contract from my listing? Your user dashboard offers capabilities to fully manage your listing status including ‘Under Offer’ and ‘Sold’

Advertising Price – will my advertising show price? You have the option of presenting price or not. Price can be displayed as a single figure or price range. To enable the property seller to be able move with the market property price capability is adjustable from your user dashboard.  All print material including DL Flyers, A4 Flyers and press advertising does not display price.

Password – What if I forget my password? In the user login panel Selling My House has a ‘Forgot Your Password‘ function whereby you can attain a system generated password. Once your receive this you’re able to re-create your personal password from your user dashboard.

Credit Card Security – What security measures do Selling My House use for my credit card details. Security of your personal information is of the most importance at Selling My House. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a globally accepted technology that helps a customer to confirm the website they are dealing with is secure. SSL certificates secure customers online transactions by encrypting credit card and personal information and providing a safe route of communication for your online payments. Selling My House use the latest in technology to ensure your credit card details are secure.



 "Simply choose your package, register and create your listing...No more to do"

At any time you can also upgrade or purchase additional real estate marketing products from your User Dashboard. It's easy, fast, and user friendly!



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