Home For Sale Preparation

Pre-sale preparation of your house enables your property to shine.

An effective strategy to dramatically improve the success rate in selling your property is is to present the features of your home by “staging” your property. Staging is simply presenting your property in the best light and can be achieved by simply spending a little time to present your house, or engage a professional to give your property a professional staging makeover.  The seller needs to take any personal attachment of ownership to their house out of the selling process, and create a tone to entice the buyer using in a clean, neutral way that allows the buyer to visualise your home as their new home.

Where To Start

Depersonalising & Decluttering

  • Depersonalise - while having trophies,  family photos and ornaments everywhere may be nice and homely for you, this can distract property buyers from getting a feel of the home being theirs. Present your home in neutral manner by going through your house, room by room and depersonalizing. Store cherished personal photos, trophies and the like away in storage for your next home.
  • Declutter - the idea of decluttering is to present your property as a spacious home, creating an open canvas for the property buyer. Start with the kitchen and remove bench top clutter. This will also greatly improve the perception of a kitchen that has ample bench space. Empty our kitchen draws and cupboards that are stuffed with years of gadgets or items that are never used. Don't forget the fridge. Take off all the fridge magnets and bits and pieces posted on your fridge to create a clean, tidy and uncluttered kitchen.

From the kitchen, work your way through your home and look at ways that you can alleviate clutter. Also pay close attention to storage cupboards and look at what you can pass-on or host in a garage sale to make more space.


  • Kitchen and Bathroom - These two rooms can make or break a house sale so present them to the best of their capacity. Give the kitchen a good wipe over ensuring all surfaces are grease free, clean the oven and any appliances that you may choose to leave out. In the bathroom clean off any soap scum from glass and remove mildew from walls, tiles and grout. If you decide to freshen up with some paint select neutral colours. A new shower curtain and towels can offer a fresh touch.
  • Carpet and Flooring - If your carpets are looking dirty or marked look at having them cleaned and deodorised. If they're old and worn you may want to consider having them replaced to bring a fresh feel to the home. Keeping light neutral colours will assist in making rooms seem larger and more spacious.  Give vinyl and timber floors a good mop down. Once again if they are looking worn and tired consider a refinish for the timber floors or replace the vinyl floor.
  • Ceilings and Walls - Give walls a wipe down and clean away marks from around light switches. If there are any water marks or paint chips you may want to consider a fresh coat of paint. If you have rooms with dramatic colours a fresh coat of paint in neutral colours will assist buyer response. Ensure you fix any leaks in the process of your freshen up with paint.
  • Windows & Doors - Go through each room and check that windows and doors open easily. Free up tight or squeaky hinges with CRS and replace any cracked windows.


"First Impressions Count" - For passers by seeing your For Sale sign they may wish to view your property; having it well presented will successfully introduce  the buyer to the next step of inspecting your property. From curb side, look at your property and take note of simple tasks that will improve the look and appeal of your home.

  • Garden and Landscaping - look to tidying up any rubbish, toys and clutter around the garden and give the edges and pathways a trim. If you have any overgrown trees you may want to consider having them trimmed back and run the mower over the lawn. Getting some mid size potted plants from your nursery and presenting these in a courtyard or front entrance can add a fresh touch. 
  • External Walls, Windows and Gutters – Check the exterior walls and gutters. You may want to consider getting a house wash to clean grime and dirt from walls. Give your windows a clean and replace any cracked glass. Ensure any gutters filled with leaves are cleaned.  If the paint is peeling and chipping away on the external of your house you have the option to consider the return on investment plus time factor by having a fresh coat of paint or sell as is and factor that into your pricing.
  • Front Door and Entry – Entry ways should be broomed and tidy. The main door must be well presented. If it is looking taddie consider a freshen-up with a coat of paint. Give door knobs and bells a polish. Finally make sure the door opens and closes smoothly and oil queaking hinges.

Sellers Manual (Pro) available with both Premium and Pro property seller marketing packages offers a preparation checklist tool that includes a money and time budgeter,  plus provides great tips and ideas to make your house look great to sell with minimal funds.



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