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The number of hours invested to sell your house is probably less than you think Industry estimates are around 20 - 25 hours to sell a property, sometimes far less. What hourly rate can you earn? Estimate hours & insert here.
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Hourly Rate Calculator


Hourly Rate Calculator

Earning $400 to $600 and hour in a part time job is something you would once only have imagined.

Believably these are the hourly rate figures your can earn by selling your house privately. For your time invested for a couple of weeknight hours of thought and planning plus a few dedicated hours on the weekend over several weekends for inspection times and follow up is all you will really need to allocate to sell house. With industry feedback indicating actual invested time to sell a property can range from 20-30 hours, you can earn the same hourly rate as a high priced lawyer or barrister by investing a few hours a week over a number of weeks to sell your own house. 

Selling My House make it easy by creating and delivering a comprehensive property for sale strategy which include tools and tips so you can sell house, save thousands in commission and pay yourself a massive hourly rate for your success. 

“Why pay someone else

to do something

that you can do yourself?

Creating a simple check list of things to do and allocate time for each part of the house selling process will offer an overall scope of time to sell your house. Being strategic and ‘working to the clock’ will deliver an increased hourly rate.

We’ve offered a  FREE planning tool  with with compliments of Sellers Manual (Pro) to assist in your house selling process. When you sellect a Premium or Pro package you also get Sellers Manual (Pro) which is full of  house seller tools and strategies that guide you through the house selling process so you can sell house, save thousands in commission and reward yourself.  



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