How to Sell My House In NSW

If you have decided to sell your house without a real estate agent in NSW then you’ve made the decision by coming to us. Selling your own house privately is not only legal but also fast and very simple. In general people get better prices when they sell directly as compared to an agent selling their houses. Just follow the below process:

When selling your own home in Sydney or NSW, first and foremost set your property value to the market. House prices in Sydney and New South Wales fluctuate and are determined by many factors. It’s important to set your property valuation to market demand, not what you would like to get.  Take our property valuation link to gain further insight. 

Just as important is to seek legal advice from a conveyancing specialist. When selling your property, a conveyancing solicitor will advise on all the legal aspects and move the property conveyancing transaction forward. Before visiting your conveyancing solicitor prepare a series of questions with regards to the property sale to cover in your meeting which may also include managing the deposit. 

For great ideas to sell your house more efficiently in NSW get some tips in preparing your house for sale by taking the link. Just as important as gaining a property valuation and engaging a conveyaincing solicitor is getting a professional real estate photographer to take your property photos. Buying and selling homes can all begin with the emotional connection, so ensuring your real estate photos are at their best, source a real estate photographer when selling your home. 

Professional looking real estate photos are imperative to selling your house privately. Investing in a professional photographer to shoot your photos will definitely increase your enquiry rate. If you have to be a DIY property photographer view our tips to take real estate photos like a pro.

Next create your real estate marketing campaign and marketing tools by selecting any of the powerful real estate for sale by owner marketing packages available with Selling My House.

Decide on either doing ‘Open House’ or ‘By appointment’ and negotiate with the buyer on price.

Remember to obtain a deposit from the buyer once you have come to an agreement on price.Our Sellers Manual Pro has great tips to assist here. Provide the contract of sale and arrange for it to be signed by all parties.

Manage the settlement process in conjunction with your solicitor or conveyancing specialist.

Selling your own home is totally legal in NSW. For additional information on how to sell your own house in NSW go to New South Wales Government Office of Fair Trading website, Selling Property NSW or take the quick link Fair Trading NSW Government Selling Property Process

"To Sell your house in NSW, simply choose your package, register and create your listing...No more to do"


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