Sell My House or Property Privately In Queensland

Researching house prices and setting the price of your house or real estate is one of the first things you need to consider. Real estate prices fluctuate and are determined by a number of factors. To assist in setting your house value take the link to our tips page  property valuation.  We  recommend you engage a property valuer to get your property value aligned to the market.

Also engage a conveyancing solicitor to manage your property transaction. In each state there are varying requirements and laws. We’ve provided additional links on this page to further assist. Look for a conveyancing specialist for advice when you sell house or other real estate property.  Before you engage your conveyancing specialsit, create a series of questions to take with you including managing the real estate contract process and deposit. 

Next on the list is preparing your house for sale. Take the link to our sell house preparation page for this. See home for sale preparation  for great tips on presenting your house for sale.

Another aspect when you sell house is to have great real estate photos. Source a real estate photographer to do this and request to view their portfolio of real estate photos. If you decide to do your own real estate photography view out tips.  

When it comes to marketing your property for sale view our real estate for sale advertising campaign products and set a budget.  Remember to click on the plus sign for the menu to reveal more details. 

You can sell your house ‘By Appointment’ or ‘Open House’ as a general rule. Consider the pro and cons of each.

Obtain a deposit from the buyer once you have come to an agreement on price.

Provide the contract of sale and arrange for it to be signed by all parties.

Manage the settlement process in conjunction with your solicitor or conveyancing specialist.

Real Estate Contract of Sale

Accepting an offer- When the buyer signs a sales contract, do not accept it unless:

  • you have read and understood all its terms and conditions
  • the buyer has properly signed it
  • you accept all the terms and conditions of the offer
  • you can fully comply with all its requirements
  • you have made the appropriate condition in the contract to pass any covenants or agreements onto the buyer
  • the address and description of the property are correct.

Check that the deposit payment date is stated in the contract and is within a few days of the contract being finalised. This deposit is generally paid into your solicitor's trust account.

When a buyer makes an offer you can:

  • accept the offer by signing the contract
  • reject the offer by not signing the contract
  • respond with a counter offer.

Counter offers- Be aware that it is common in Queensland to conduct negotiations on the sales contract. You make a counter offer by altering and signing the contract to suit your terms of sale.

If the buyer accepts the counter offer by initialling the changes, the contract becomes binding.

If either party alters a contract of sale in any way, ensure all parties to the contract initial the changes. Failure to do so may void your contract. - Source; Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading

Manage the settlement process in conjunction with your solicitor or conveyancing specialist.

Selling your own home in QLD is totally legal. To learn more on how to sell your own house privately in QLD see Queensland Government website Office of Fair Trading >> sell a home or take the Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading fast link.


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