Sell House Privately In South Australia

Selling Your House Without An Agent In South Australia

What is my house worth? Selling your own house is a major transaction so you need to carefully consider your property valuation. There are a number of factors in getting house prices and real estate values to that of the market in South Australia. Selling My House recommend you consult a property valuer to align your property value to that of the current real estate market. For assistance take link to our property valuation page for further information on setting real estate value for South Australia.

In addition to sourcing a property valuation professional, you need to consider seeking advice from a conveyancing solicitor. Solicitors who specialise in conveyancing will cover all the legal processes to ensure your real estate sales process moves forward smoothly. Each state of Australia has varying laws on who can do property conveyancing. Visit the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs of South Australia by taking the link below for more information.

Before setting your appointment draft a series of questions you feel you need to know about the legal processes in selling property which may include attaining and managing the real estate deposit or signing and countersigning real estate contracts with buyers. For more information take the link to our property conveyancing tips page.

We've now covered property valuations and conveyancing, you now need to consider how to prepare your house for sale. Selling My House has prepared an overview to assist you in what needs to be considered to sell your house. Take our link to home for sale preparation for more details on how to prepare your house for sale.

To assist in securing buyers and sell house fast we recommend you have a professional real estate photographer take your house photos. Buying property begins with the emotional element from the buyer’s perspective, so investing in a good real estate photographer will be worth the investment. If you so choose to do your own real estate photography take the link to our real estate photography tips page. 

Selling My House has created some great, flexible real estate advertising packages. When selling house or any kind of property our packages deliver a results driven strategy. See our real estate marketing packages and don’t forget to click onto the plus sign to see the menu open for more details.

You will need to undertake the searches required under the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994 and complete the vendor statement yourself. Discuss these aspects with your conveyancing professional together with any other legal aspects relevant to the laws of South Australia.

Sell Your House in South Australia in Few Easy Steps:

Choose Package >> Register with Selling My House >>Prepare your home for sale or create strategy >> Approve Campaign >> Deliver


For more information on selling a house or property privately in SA go to the Government of South Australia website Office of Consumer and Business Affairs or click onto our Government of South Australia Consumer and Business Services fast link to learn more on how to sell your house privately in SA.



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