How to Sell My Home Privately In Tasmania

Selling Your Home Without An Agent In Tasmania

Like all states across Australia you can legally sell your own home in Tasmania. First and foremost you should get a property valuation and source a conveyancing solicitor to assist in selling your home privately.  To answer the question what is my house worth in Hobart, or Tasmania you should source the expertise of a property valuer in Hobart or your regional area who is licensed in doing real estate valuations.  

To source a property valuation specialist in Tasmania or learn more on what your house or real estate value in Hobart or Tasmania take the link to our property valuation page for assistance and tips.

Selling My House also highly recommend engaging a property conveyancing solicitor to manage the legal aspects when you sell your house privately in Tasmania.  A property conveyancer ensures all the legal aspects of selling your own home in Tasmania will move forward in a fluent process and will advise of legal aspects in the property conveyancing process.

Your conveyancing solicitor will advise on how to manage the contract and buyer's deposit when selling your property. Speak to your conveyancing legal professional about these aspects. Take the link to property conveyance to learn more.

Once you’ve covered the key financial and legal components to sell your house look to staging your home for sale in addition to engaging a real estate photographer. For great tips on preparing your house for sale see our home for sale preparation tips page.  

The final key aspect in selling your own home in Tasmania is real estate photography and real estate marketing. A real estate purchase can be an emotional transaction so engaging a real estate photographer to take professional real estate photos should be a must.

Having well presented real estate photos is the first connection the buyer makes to your property so they’re worth the investment. If you are not in the position to engage a photographer look at our information on real estate photography for great tips. 

Finally select and create your real estate marketing campaign to sell property with Selling My House. Once you register you will have a user dashboard where you can select your real estate advertising campaign and deliver your strategy using Selling My House. 

For more information on how to sell your house in Tasmania go to Government of Tasmania website Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading and click on the Real Estate tab or take the Government of Tasmania Fair Trading Real Estate for important information on selling your home in Tasmania.


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