Selling Your House Privately In Victoria

How to sell my house or property in Victoria

Selling your own home is totally legal in Victoria. To create a successful house sale you firstly need to consider how much your house or property is worth. Selling My House recommend you access the services of a property valuation specialist to determine your house or property price for Melbourne or regional Victoria. A licenced property valuer will align your property value to that of the market, which in turn puts you in a better position to sell your house or property. Take the link to our property valuation page to for tools and tips in answering the question; what is my house worth?   

Just as important to setting your real estate value in Victoria, we recommend you engage a conveyancing professional when you sell your home in Victoria.  While most states require conveyancing solicitors, Victoria allows professional conveyancing services  to manage the legal transaction of real estate.  You will need to prepare a vendor’s statement (also known as a Section 32) and contract of sale, by either using a ‘do it yourself conveyancing kit (available from the information Victoria Bookshop, or attaining this from your legal fractioned. They will also advise on how to manage the buyers deposit when buying your property.

Once you set your property valuation to suit your Victorian market and engage a conveyancing specialist commence the key marketing processes of staging your property for sale and sourcing a real estate photographer to take your property photos. Read our preparing your property for sale and taking real estate photos like a professional for more information.

To ensure your real estate marketing campaign is successful we do advise that you engage a real estate photographer given that good real estate photos will drive the sales process to the next step.   

The Victorian Government Consumer Affairs website offer important information for selling and buying property in Victoria.

For more information on selling your home go to Consumer Affairs Victoria website and click onto the 'buying and selling property' link or take the fast link Consumer Affairs Victoria for more tips to sell your house in Vic.


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