How To Sell Your House in Western Australia

Selling Your Own Home Privately in WA

Real estate business is very popular in Western Australia and agents are making fat commissions though various real estate transactions.

Now days more and more Australians are taking the next step towards selling and buying homes privately without a real estate agents and pocketing thousands of dollars in savings. Also home owners are taking charge to learn how to sell my own house in Western Australia. Selling My House provides all right resources and tools to sell houses by owners in quick and easy steps.

Why pay high commission to agents for just answering the phone from buyers? You too can sell your house privately without spending too much money. Selling house privately in Australia is completely legal and easy with step-by-step guides available at Selling My House.

Selling Your House Privately in WA

Real estate valuation is one of the important steps to sell your property in Western Australia. There are a number of property valuation services you can access either online or professional or by researching the market you may determine your own house, land or general real estate value. Selling My House recommend you engage the services of a professional property valuer in Perth or regional WA.  For tips, tools and assistance go to our property valuation page to set assist in determining your property value in Perth or throughout Western Australia. 

Property conveyancing is also an important aspect to your real estate for sale by owner. An early step in preparing your house for sale is to engage a conveyancing solicitor to manage this process. Each state has varying laws for coneyancing professionals who will manage the legal aspects of real estate sale of contract, deposits and advise you over the course of your property sale. View our property conveyancing services page for more information

Now we’ve highlighted some of the legal and property valuation requirements you need to prepare your house for sale. For tips, tools and ideas see our home for sale preparation page for more details.

In addition to house preparation engage the services of a real estate photographer. Professional real estate photos assist in securing prospective buyers so you can sell house. Great real estate photos provide buyers the emotional experience to convert the viewing process to enquiry to inspection. If you decide to do your own real estate photography view our tips.

Marketing your property for sale is the final and equally most important process to sell your house. Selling My House offer an array of real estate marketing packages that include all you need to sell your house.

To learn more to sell your property in Western Australia take our link below to the Department of Commerce Western Australia,  buying and selling a home

It is important to note that THE LAW IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA DOES NOT REQUIRE THAT CONTRACTS FOR THE PURCHASE OF PROPERTY CONTAIN A COOLING OFF PERIOD. If the contract does not include a cooling off period, you cannot get out of a contract to buy or build because you have changed your mind.Source - Department of Commerce Western Australia

Selling a house or property privately in WA is legal to do. To understand more on how to sell your own home in Western Australia go to Government of Western Australia website Department of Commerce and click onto the Consumer Protection>Real Estate>Buying and Selling a Home or take our Government of Western Australia Selling Your Home fast link


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