Advertising Legal Obligations

Both Federal and State laws make it an offence for misleading or deceptive advertising and advertising that  makes false claims and is discriminatory.

Property Sellers must ensure that any claims made about any property or land characteristics expressed  in any photographic representations and advertising are accurate and could not give prospective buyers the wrong impression. Statements made in conjunction with photographs of the views and facilities available in a local area must not be false or misleadingadvertising cannot make false claims to the reader.

The ‘touching up’ of photographs that appear on internet websites or in print can be construed as misleading. Photographs of properties which have been touched up to hide undesirable characteristics or enhance other features could mislead consumers. Accordingly, property sellers must ensure that photographs are not used in a manner that may lead to implied representations that are false or involve misleading or deceptive attributes to the originals. 

Selling My House supports truthfulness,  fairness and best practices in advertising and we work hard to ensure all sale by owners advertisers abide by state and federal legislation. We always welcome feedback from property buyers who feel they have been misled by property sellers using media portals and will take immediate action including the suspension of listings without notice to rectify any issues if proven to being deceptive, misleading or immoral. 


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