Advertising Tips for Selling House by Owner

Creating a real estate for sale advertising strategy to sell your property is simple and fast thanks to Selling My House. Select one of the four marketing packages offered by Selling My House or tailor a package suitable to your budget.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3

  1. Decide on you budget.
  2. Select the package and ADD-ONS that will best suit your budget and timetable to advertise and sell your house.
  3. Complete the online form, upload your property photos and approve.

Photo Size ( Image Resolution) - Before taking photos check your digital camera settings. To successfully create the various printed products our online software accepts 800 x 600 resolution image size and above.

Selling My House’ property marketing wizard does the rest for you. The wizard will automatically create your real estate for sale web listings, signs, brochures and newspaper advertisements and automatically deliver them once you view and approve what you see.  All packages and ADD-Ons have been devised by professional property marketers so you can be guaranteed that whatever marketing package you select will be highly targeted to source property buyers so you can sell house, save thousands of dollars in commission and reward yourself.

To help you plan your advertising strategy Selling My House has included a FREE property marketing planner template with compliments from Sellers Manual (Pro). View our sample property advertising campaign and use the blank template to plan your own house seller advertising delivery.

Tip #1 Rule of thumb business practice for setting advertising budgets are 3% - 5% of gross annual turnover.  SellingMyHouse advertising budget calculator delivers a suggested budget by using your house value as this figure and converts this to a monthly amount.  The Advertising Budget Calculator provides the house seller an industry standard guide however it will depend on what you can actually afford that will dictate your marketing package.

Tip # 2 Approach your property sale like a business. By leveraging any initial upfront outlays using  a credit card facility that offers 55 days interest free you get 7 ½ weeks leeway before any payment is required for what you’ve outlaid. Even then it is only proportionate.  By achieving a property sale and settlement within that same period you have the ability to settle any upfront outlays and in essence pay no upfront costs to sell your property.

In choosing your property marketing package this strategy offers the same leeway to that of an agent covering upfront marketing in that you personally pay nothing in real terms upfront. Once settlement takes place you then settle the marketing outlay.  




 "Simply choose your package, register and create your listing...No more to do"

At any time you can also upgrade or purchase additional real estate marketing products from your User Dashboard. It's easy, fast, and user friendly!



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  In business enterprise the marketing budget is normally 3 - 5 % of gross sales (dividing by 12 sets monthly budget)