Property Conveyancing Services Australia

Sourcing your legal representation should also be one of your first tasks when selling house privately.  Consider sourcing a legal professional convenient to your location or consult friends or colleagues who can refer you to someone they may have used.  

When selling your house privately you should utilise the services of a property conveyancing solicitor or property conveyancing firm to manage your property transaction and legal’s. Attempting to do a property transaction can be fraught with all kinds of legal issues that may cost you dearly.  When contacting  your legal professional ask of their relevant qualifications and licenses required to practice according to your state requirements and their capacity to manage the property legal transaction process. When meeting with your property conveyancing professional go pre-prepared with a list of considerations plus source the expertise of any additional aspects you may need to implement in the property transaction.  

Each state of Australia will have varying laws that stipulate on who is able to act to manage the legal process of your property transaction.

Property Conveyancing Solicitors

A property conveyancing solicitor must hold a current practicing certificate and have professional indemnity insurance. They can perform general legal work and provide legal advice to their client. Some solicitors specialise in property conveyancing and property law and can be engaged by the seller to prepare all the required documentation including the vendor's statement and the contract of sale. If you are looking to re-purchase you may want to have your conveyancing solicitor conduct relevant searches, make requisitions and ensure that the transfer of title is done correctly. When looking to re-purhase your solicitor can also advise you on how different types of title may affect ownership rights and responsibilities.

Property Conveyancer Australia

Licensed conveyancers should have professional expertise in property conveyancing, property law and contract law, are supported by specific state legislation, and are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and Fidelity Funds to protect the consumer. Queensland is currently the only state that does not allow licenced converyancers to practice.

If you decide to initiate the services of a property conveyancer you should ask if they hold  relevant and current licences. Some conveyancers are members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers. The institute requires their members maintain criteria that extends best practices; so it is worth asking when commissioning a conveyancer if they have certification. 




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