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House Prices Brisbane, Townsville, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Regional Queensland - How to Value My Property

Selling My House recommend you consult a professional certified property valuer before you commence the process to sell your house or property in Queensland. House prices vary across Brisbane and throughout Qld. Securing a professional real estate valuation from a registered property valuer will greatly assist in pitching the value of your property to market demand.

In a booming real estate market you can successfully set your property valuation to the upper end of your category to sell house, while in a down market property values tend to be set to the lower level. A property valuer is best placed to understand these trends and set your property value accordingly. 

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Facets that can influence house prices in Brisbane and regional Queensland.


  • Interstate Migration   – Strong interstate migration from other states to Queensland will put upward trends on property valuations in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. More people put more demand on house prices so consider these aspects when setting your house or property price in Brisbane and across Queenland. On the flip side lower migration from interstate drops demand for housing which in turn can put downward pressure in real estate valuations in  Brisbane or throughout regional Qld.
  • Bank Lending Rates – Ina high interest rate environment money is more expensive to borrow so less people borrow, which in turn puts downward pressure on house prices across Brisbane and regional Queensland towns and cities like Townsville, Gold Coast, Rockhampton or Cairns. Less affordability can mean less buyers. In turn a low interest rate environment means more available money putting more buyers in the market driving up real estate values.
  • Property Development –  An influx of new properties in the market with low demand (due to perhaps a drop in interstate migration or increase in interest rates) can put downward pressure on property prices, as having lots of real estate stock for sale and less buyers normally sees an decrease in real estate values. Consult your property valuation professional for further insight to these trends.    

Other considerations when doing property valuation

  • House Features–  Property valuers will consider the number of bedrooms, the size of your land or unit, how many bathrooms, age or era of your property when establishing your house, land or property valuation.
  • Location of real estate – This is a major driver in house, land or unit prices. Good positions are always in demand which in turn drives up property values to that area. Positon position is everything in real estate prices. Close to shops, transport, amenities or river, city and water views will always add to house prices in Brisbane and regional towns and cities where population and good employment if evident.

Consider these when setting your property's price. Engage a qualified real estate valuer and perhaps use an online real estate valuation company in conjunction with Selling My House  complimentary valuation tool to assist you in establishing your property value.



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