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Melbourne House Prices - Property Valuation For Selling In Melbourne and Victoria

Using a Certified Property Valuer is the most accurate way to attaining a clear property value when selling your home in Victoria. Selling My House offer links to both online property valuations services and property valuers via our Property Valuation page.

When setting your home or property value take into account contributing factors that influence the price of your house in Melbourne or regional Victoria. Selling property in a boom market means your property valuation will be at the higher end while selling your home in a down market will push real estate valuations down, which  in turn places preasure on house price in Melbourne or regional Victoria.

What can affect house prices in Melbourne and Victoria.

  • Interest Rates – When interest rates are high, the housing market tends to slow down which in turn puts downward pressure on house prices in Melbourne and regional Victoria. At the opposite end, when interest rates are low, money is more affordable to borrow which in turn will allow you to set your property valuation to the higher end as more people are in the market to buy property.
  • Interstate Migration and Overseas Immigration – People migrating to Victoria from interstate together will less people leaving the state will affect both Melbourne and Victorian house prices. Higher interstate migration and overseas immigration will also   put demand on house prices if new properties are not being built. More people in the property market wanting to purchase will drive up house prices, while lower interstate migration or overseas immigration eases the demand of Melbourne property values, in turn easing Melbourne and Victorian house prices due to low demand.
  • Property Development– Higher levels of housing development with new properties tend to relieve pressure of competition to purchase existing properties which can in turn see a decrease in real estate valuation values. 

Other Factors that determine property valuations in Victoria and Melbourne

  • Property Features– Block size, bedrooms and bathrooms, property era and age will influence the price of your home or property in Melbourne or regional Victoria. 
  • Property Location– Location location is the catchphrase to property values in Melbourne and Victoria. Being close to schools, transport, shops or having river, city and water views can all increase or decrease the valuation of your property. Consult your real estate valuer to see how geographical aspects will affect your house price and the valuations of property in your area.


Selling My House recommend you integrate a number of real estate valuation tools to establish what your house if worth in the Melbourne or Victorian estate market. Consider the above aspects in conjunction with a professional property valuation, online real estate valuation and the use of our complimentary real estate valuation tool to set your house or property price. 

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